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The founder and the director “Mondli P Cetshane“ has an extensive experience in communications and customer oriented services totalling over 10 years gained from two different private sectors both International Casinos as well as 4 years as a director of Refresh’em (Pty) Ltd Group.

By 2011 he was approached by two business entrepreneur who later became his business partners and incorporated a company under three leadership, where he served as a marketing director for a period of one year. In 2012 he found and established Refresh’em (Pty) Ltd group. The company started by providing one service (Purifying, Bottling and Supplying still water) to public and private corporates. During the same year he created a very good and fruitful business relationship with event management companies where he marketed and promoted their events through sending the message by personalising / branding the bottle of water to be consumed by their patrons and stakeholders. From then the Public Relations and Marketing Division was formed to serve and meet client’s need. Being involve in events through sponsoring, in year 2013 we identified the need of forming an Events and Promotions division to help the current and previously disadvantaged artists by assuring yearly planned initiatives to guarantee adequate performing opportunities for different music genres. 


Director: Mondli P Cetshane obtained business Training on the following courses:           

  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • New Venture Creation Certificate

The company is proudly owned by a young black male entrepreneur and fully comply with all business legal status constituted by South African constitution.