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Events & Promotions

It was formed in year 2013, under well skilled, competent and innovative management team with extensive experience gained from different companies they worked for the purpose of eradicating poverty facing our fellow South African artists with commitments to implement innovative and creative initiatives as well as ensuring support and promotion of this good historical, natural and inspiring artistic talent.

This division ensures new continuous (yearly planned), fresh and vibrant innovative initiatives that has never existed before to guarantee fruitful business opportunities for the benefit of artists and local unemployed. Also commits in implementing at least a minimum of two initiatives in a year to guarantee adequate performing opportunities.

Though we cannot hire all of them, but, 60 % is expected to benefit from our yearly planned fruitful initiatives.

Understanding that our progress is depending on our stakeholders including our members, staff, clients as well as the community at large. We committed to delivering innovative, world class business practices underlined by our ethical approach and our vision.

Principal business activities:

  • Honouring and Awarding good & extraordinaire talent.
  • Planning.
  • Promoting.
  • Organizing.
  • Coordinating
  • Managing Events
  • Sound and Stage Hire


  • To economical empower previously disadvantaged people through job creation.
  • Uplifting previously and currently disadvantaged local artists.
  • To ensure artists respect entertainment industry and acknowledge it as business sector.


  • Implementing innovative and creative initiatives
  • Ensuring world class service for the benefit of artists and stakeholders.
  • Embracing upcoming talent by giving platform to share stage with professional artists.
  • Awarding and honouring good and extraordinaire talent
  • Creating adequate and guaranteed performing opportunities.
  • Ensuring support and promotion of this good historical, natural and inspiring talent.