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Purifying and Supplying Bottled water

Refresh’em Bottled Mineral Water Suppliers and Refreshments Distributors is a small fast growing service provider situated in Durban|KZN. It was conceptualized early 2012,for the purpose of refreshing people’s mind about the necessity of drinking pure prepared mineral water.

For healthy and safety conscious, Reverse Osmosis Machineries are used in purification process and our product is tested by SANAS accredited laboratory, complies with ISO/IEC 17025 and tested sample comply with the corresponding SANS 0241 standard for drinking water to guarantee the healthiness of our clients.

The company specializes in purifying and supplying pure prepared bottled mineral water, distributing refreshments to both public and private corporate at highly competitive rates. Refresh’em also specializes in doing special choice of branding for clients to market and promote their businesses by sending message through our branded product. For example; Events, Campaigns, Seasonal promotions, Conferences, Year-end celebration parties, Etc.

Principal Business Activities:

  • Purifying and Supplying Bottled Water
  • Branding / Personalising Bottled Water for special occasions
  • Car registration plate (Wedding / Birthday Celebration)
  • Refilling office water dispensing machine

Our Skills Include The Following:

  • Water Purification.
  • Light Commercial Purification.
  • Office & House Hold Water Dispensers.
  • House Hold Reverse Osmosis Purifiers.
  • Purifier Services.
  • Replacement Filters.
  • Branded bottle water.


  • 330ml
  • 500ml
  • 1.5lt
  • 5lt
  • 10lt
  • 21lt (Refills)